Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday - Day 3

Mike hasn't been feeling well. I tried updating the blog yesterday via my phone app, but it somehow broke the blog post into 10 small posts rather than one large post. Its never done that before and I didn't have the time, nor the patience to fix it, so I just deleted yesterday's update.

Michael cannot eat or drink without nausea and vomiting. His pain is better controlled, but the nausea is awful. He cannot sit upright without vomiting either so the thought now is that he has either aseptic meningitis or "chemical" meningitis. Dr.Bolognese was in this morning to explain what chemical meningitis is, but to be honest...I need to go look it up in english.
Regardless- the treatment is Decadron, which he's on.
It's also possible that he's just very low on CSF because of the surgery, and his body isn't replacing it as quickly as normal because he had been on Diamox for so long.

Dr. Bolognese has increased the Decadron and fluids. Hopefully this will do the trick soon. Mike is miserable. :(

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