Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday- Day 76googazillion

Michael had a CT scan that showed he has some intracranial pressure and swelling. He's being treated with Mannitol- which is some scary $&^*. He's tolerating it well though so the laundry list of potential wicked side effects is shortening with each dose, thank God.
He's also being treated for meningitis- caused by the surgery (not the infectious type). He's on Decadron- which he's also beginning to tolerate better than he had been.
He's still just laying down moaning, with no interest in sitting up or eating. He gets severe nausea as soon as he sits up. Hopefully these treatments will help with that, but it's got Michael too afraid to even try now.

I'm also worried because he's been very bradycardic- his heart rate has been in the 40s for 2+ days now. Drs say it's from the brainstem manipulation and will improve with the Decadrom treatment.

Hopefully as the day goes on he'll perk up. Dr. Bolognese should be in soon. I will post his wisdom later.
Follow up CT Scan tomorrow.

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