Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It really sucks when you lose or question you faith in your physicians. These past few months of witchhunting by Ms. Evans of the NY Daily News has caused many patients at TCI to wonder who to trust.

So here I sit with 5 MRIs and an LP for myself-
4 for Katie
5 for Michael
5 for Grace
~Myriads of concerns, from leaking CSF via nose/eyes, monster headaches, chronic nausea, dizzy spells, migrating pain, tingling, numbness, cognitive dysfunction, serious short-term memory lapse.... ...most of you already know the never-ending list

Bring it all back to TCI?? Maybe they're the best place to be right now?? Surely they're on their toes??
We feel so lost.

One thing I do know is this...
I trust my surgeons over the PRESS a millions times over. As an avid reader of the news and follower of politics, I know the destructive and manipulative power the press holds.
I would bet my last dollar that Heidi Evans has an agenda way beyond her journalist interest in this case. I don't know what it is, but I have faith it will be exposed.

Do you not find it odd that only Milhorat/Bolognese's names have been defamed? Who was "ortho surgeon" "#3"? Who were the anesthesiologists?? Where are their suspensions?

I will go next week to TCI and try to embrace the confidence I once had. ....and I will continue to walk past every issue of the NY Daily News and laugh at their pathetic state of desperation.