Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We're just sitting in the playroom at TCI waiting for Dr.Bolognese.
We were lucky enough to get accepted at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island; so that will be homebase during Michael's stay in the hospital. The girls will like it there. It's full of playrooms and kid friendly stuff. One of us will be with Michael at all times.
I'll get details from Dr.B on ICU/Peds stay time after our visit this evening and post them later. If I remember correctly with Grace... it was 3 days in ICU....and 2 days in pediatrics.

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Bill Carstens said...

I really appreciate your honesty and openness about yourself and your family and about how you really care about what direction this country is going! Your comments are very refreshing and encouraging! I wish more people thought the way you do! Maybe they do; but I just don't know it! Anyway, your words give me hope for humanity! Please keep sharing! :-) <3