Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr. Bolognese has been reinstated

Dear NY Daily News,
Bite me

Dear Heidi Evans,
You are the most pathetic excuse for a "journalist" as I've ever known. You are the epitome of biased spin. I DARE you to interview me. I will give you at least 50 Milhorat/Bolognese supporters for every whiner you can drum up. Up to the challenge??
Is Bolognese's vindication on the front page of your rag today? I bet not.
To hell with you and what you did to the Chiari community.
Karma sucks, you bottom feeder.

Jennifer Kelly


Droopy Brains said...

I hope my readers take the time to send Ms.Evans an email. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Helene said...

I will. I posted to the daily news and aol last night and got many of my friends and family members to do the same and to email the president of LLJ. Thanks for all you do to raise awareness of Chairi Malformation. My daughter was given her life back by Dr.'s B and Milhorat. She went from completely disabled to being able to get her GED and she just finished her freshman year away at college. She'll always have to deal with her connective tissue disorder causing physical problems but she can actually think now instead of being overcome with nausea, dizziness, sweating and brain fog. Dr. B deserves a commendation; he doesn't deserve having his reputation muddied especially for such a "devastating" (not) event

lace1070 said...

LMAO! I just got back from TCI today and I was so happy when they told me the Dr. B will be back in the office on Monday ~ how sweet it is ~ u r right ~ karma will bite you in the patooty!

Lisa in SC said...

You are absolutely crazy! You made me laugh out loud! :)

Lisa in SC

Anonymous said...

HAHA! GOOD JOB! I'm sure if everyone they HAVE helped e-mailed her, her inbox would be filled!!

I don't think we have met. Hi! I'm 24. I am a TCI 'groupie' and have been saved by Dr. B and Dr. Milhorat, too! I'm from Canada though. I have the 'trifecta' and had my TC Release and Decompression, both by these BRILLIANT doctors. I have my Fusion coming up too (I wasn't fused because I have Osteoporosis) and wouldn't have anyone but THEM touch me brain! I am sad that it won't be the 'dynamic duo', together, but wouldn't have anyone but Dr. B do it, if it is only him!

I have a website if you would like to check it out! Would it be ok if I added your blog to my links page? Please let me know! :)

I hope you have a pain free day!


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog, love it, touching and funny. Thank you for your support of TCI. I also thought Heididiot had a personal vendetta. Believe I found a connection. Was sure someone else would blow the whistle, did they?

I've not kept up because it makes me nuts. Did comment all over the net and newpapers for a while so my head was not in the sand entirely.

Thanks Jennifer!