Friday, May 21, 2010

It's all over :)

So this is the 3rd time I'm attempting to post this update! The hospital's server boots you offline if you're "idle" after a few minutes. It doesn't seem to sense the typing going on!
I've finally learned my lesson.... notepad/copy/paste ;)

okay... So Mike went into the OR around 9:30, he didn't get to the PACU until almost 7pm. It was a very, very long and complicated surgery. Dr. Bolognese was very pleased with the outcome. He was able to preserve C1, which is what we all wanted to maintain Michael's cervico-cranial stability. Dr. Bolognese worked in such a small window so that Michael may avoid cervico-cranial fusion...which would have been awful for him.
I'm so grateful he was able to successfully do this.

Dr.Bolognese said Mike had a lot of adhesions below the cerebellar tonsils which were also difficult to get to, but they're all gone now :)
His tonsils were well below C1.

Dr.B came out to see us at 6:45 to let us know that Mike did very well and that they were just closing him up.... It was the biggest weight off my shoulders EVER...I finally got to stop crying :)

They called us to see him around 7:30(?) in the PACU...He was very nauseated, but he looked well. He was very sleepy. He had 2 nurses- one we liked, one...not so much. She changed her tune after she realized we are healthcare professionals. Her original plan was to make Mike wait for his PCA pump because she didn't feel like doing the paper work for the other nurse. That plan was very short lived :) No one makes my son sit in pain because they're lazy.
Her tune changed VERY fast....and Michael got relief.

He was transferred up to PICU around 9 or 9:30. He's in the same room he was in for his last surgery...and the same room Grace was in for her decompression- so it's beginning to feel like "our room". He was doing very well until the nausea/vomiting kicked in. We've been dealing with that on/off all night.

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Cmom said... must just be exhausted. Sick children take a toll on parents. Children in surgery just about do us in. Just so glad that this is behind you guys and I hope Mike starts feeling better very soon.